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Arabic typography exists in a universe of extremes: considered by some as holy but more often painfully neglected, mysterious and elusive but also an unmistakable cultural icon. It is based on the world’s richest calligraphic traditions. Today, it is less of a technological challenge for type designers using the proper font editor.

This publication is in a very simple way extreme in its own right. It is the second and last publication of its kind. It is a must have for everyone working with Arabic type or interested in the typography of extremes. The goal of this publication is to give adequate help in selecting Arabic fonts for use in print and other media. An abundance of information about Arabic type can be found online these days. What is missing is a directory, or visual catalogue for high quality type. This book aims to provide such a directory.


Author and editor :

Edo Smitshuijzen

Contributing Authors :

Aida and Mamoun Sakkal, Yanone

Publisher :

Khatt Books, Amsterdam 2023



Edition :

890 pages, black and white. Hardcover with three colloured bookmarks. 31 x 22 cm

Languages :

English. Font specimens in English and Arabic.

Price :