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Mashrabiyas are an iconic element of Arabic architecture. Providing shade, air circulation and privacy, all at the same time. The use of text is also iconic for Arabic (Islamic) arts and crafts. Surprisingly, text is rarely used for the production of Mashrabiyas.

This book hopes to end that situation by showing a large number of font designs that can be used to produce Mashrabiya screens. The author designed a number of bi-scriptual Latin-Arabic fonts himself and found a number of fonts on the market that could also be used as Mashrabiya fonts, some fonts needed adjustments. The book showcases all these fonts including some possible applications.

The author also provides guidelines for anyone who wants to design Mashrabiya fonts. The book aims to fill in a peculiar gap and thus enrich the Arabic visual culture with this new category of fonts.

Author :

Edo Smitshuijzen

Publisher :

Khatt Books, Amsterdam



Edition :

216 pages, Ills. colour, 15 x 21 cm, Soft cover, English (with an introduction in Arabic)

Price :