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Peers are the most valuable asset for any professional. The quality of the work of colleagues determines for the most part the professional quality of one’s own work. The best will set the standard for the rest to follow. Peer associations are indispensable for professional maturation. The Alliance Graphique Internationale, AGI is a global club of graphic designers that aims to gather the best in the profession. The formal purpose of AGI is in fact no more than encouraging professional exchange on a personal level. It is a privilege for everyone to meet in person others operating on the top level.

Graphic design has gone – and is still going- through dramatic changes. The exponentially growing close links with other professions and in fact with all computer users has made graphic design an almost universal activity. Anyone with an ambition pays tribute to visual communication. This development is both as exciting as it is confusing, like being in the middle of the ocean. You can go everywhere, the world is your oyster, but if you fail to set a course you are effectively lost. Graphic designers do not only have to design, they have to start to write about their working methods and ideas as well. It will help the profession of graphic design to remain focussed on its core business. Talking about their work is for most designers not a problem; writing about it however is often a very different matter. Yet, design writing will become increasingly important to develop a professional horizon. This book brings together the editorials that have appeared on the AGI website between 2003 and 2010.

Author and editor :

Edo Smitshuijzen

Publisher :

Khatt Books, Amsterdam 2010



Edition :

Paperback (with flaps), 13.5cm x 23cm, 328 pages Black & White

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