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Building Cultural Bridges with Typeface Design
Typographic Matchmaking presents the first government-funded design research project that aimed to support cultural integration within society though design collaboration. This intercultural project brought together five teams of Arab and Dutch type designers to create a fully integrated Arabic extension to five existing and established Latin font families. The five projects discussed in this book pose questions about the aesthetic and technical issues concerning the creation of Arabic fonts as companions to Latin ones, and thus still addresses contemporary and global communication needs.

The resulting five Arabic typefaces were widely used throughout the (Arab)world, charting a new trend in Arabic type design. Eventually, all these fonts were further developed and became part of the collection of established font foundries. One type design received the TDC award for excellence in Typeface design, and for four of the Dutch type designers this project was the start of a continued work in Arabic type design and font production.

This second edition, not only presents the design process of the original project, it also showcases in additional colored pages, a select selection of samples of the way the fonts have been used by designers from around the world.

Author :

Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès.

2nd edition published by :

Khatt Books (Amsterdam 2012)

!st edition published by :

BIS Publishers (Amsterdam 2007)



Edition :

Paperback, 16cm x 24cm, 176 pages, Illustrated in Black & White with a few color pages

Languages :

Arabic, English

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